Make a difference for street children with Future And A Hope Ministries Inc.

Make a Difference For Street Children: Give safety, restore a sense of family, open doors for them to achieve big dreams!

Providing safe happy homes for children who live alone on the streets:
1. Stops abuse.

2. Prevents abuse.

3. Begins the process of hope and healing.

4. Changes the world and future for that child.


Many orphanages in the world are not structured to fulfill the important need of giving a sense of family for children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

The inclusion of wide open nature spaces, health restoring food, adequate and loving parental guidance through family units, of mending young hearts with the help of God, and the bringing into play the positive effects of animals to help us heal, all work together to fulfill our call to give “a future and a hope” to suffering children alone and unprotected on the streets. (Quote – Jeremiah 29:11e)

“We can talk about making a difference or we can make a difference.”


You can make an appointment to speak to me personally via phone or Zoom Video Conferencing. 

I would love to tell you my story and to talk about how together we can create the change we want to see." - Christina Hans, Founder.  

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