• Help us rescue children living alone on the streets

    Help us rescue children living alone on the streets

    Give safety, restore a sense of family, open doors for them to achieve big dreams!

  • Better than an orphanage, safer than foster care.

    Better than an orphanage, safer than foster care.

    With expert advice from Austria & India we're growing something better than an orphanage and safer than foster care.

  • Helping were it matters

    Helping were it matters

    We are starting our project in a undisclosed country in Asia where the need is GREAT but anti-Christian political sentiment is high.

  • Financially stable

    Financially stable

    With a combination of donor generosity and diversified business income, we will be continually empowered to make a difference for children for generations to come.

Founder Christina Hans

We’re in an exciting stage of planning and developing our charity to make a special place for children who have lost their parents.

We’re collaborating with experts to design something that will keep the needs of the children at the core of all we do.

“God places the lonely in families; He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.”

A Psalm of David 68:6 a,b

Our plans to help children

who have lived through trauma and loss:


•To establish schools for the education of rescued children.

•To build neighborhoods of homes providing a family-like model of care and community for rescued children and their housemothers, built in an environmentally conscious manner.

•To grow nutritious food naturally and sustainably aiding in the recovery of the health of the children.

•To train the children in life skills and art through classes, workshops, and mentorship.

•To help the children by providing counseling for emotional trauma and grief, as well as providing to them the love and calm presence of therapy dogs. 

•To assist them in their transition into adulthood through higher education, vocational training, and mentorship.

Our Discoveries

The operation styles of regular orphanage institutions are harmful to children and

their development because they can never fill a child’s need

for a LIFELONG caring mother.

When children are abandoned, orphaned, and mistreated,

their lives and futures are at stake.

It’s is vital to proceed with a plan for them that will give them more than

just the food and shelter of an institution,

but rather a loving family to grow in.

We have prayerfully decided on a plan of care that comes as

close as possible to God’s plan that children should grow up with a

consistent mother figure and a good father figure to guide them.

This plan is NOT an “orphanage” but a “Children’s Village.”

It is a place for children that is comprised of a loving neighborhood of houses.

In each home there is a housemother and 8 children forming a family.

In this way the needs of the children will be met with stability and security.

We are committed to making this happen for many children in need.

“We can talk about making a difference, or we can make a difference”

– Author, Unknown

Read More:

Asturian child welfare worker Hermann Gmeiner first launched in 1949 a system

of care that is the next best thing to a biological loving family.

It is successfully being used to raise orphaned children all over the world.

It was developed to address the great needs of war orphans after World War II.

Child welfare worker, Hermann Gmeiner at one of his children’s villages in Thailand.

A well trained single or widowed housemother is the heart of the home, and

along with assistants called “aunties” she runs the household like a normal family.

“God places the lonely in families”

A Psalm of David 68:6 a

By clustering 3 houses near each other, a community of aunts and

cousins are created. One social worker oversees the work for a 3-house-cluster,

actively supporting the interests of these 24 children.

Several clusters like this will be on the property to care for the

children and give them a sense of truly belonging.

A married Children’s Village Director lives onsite in his own separate home with

his wife and children. He has a lot of overseeing responsibilities and

provides a listening ear as a much needed father figure for the Children’s Village.

Now today, children all over the world who have lost their parents

still need the help of people like us, and like you,

who want to make a real difference in our world.

Caring for the weakest in their distress is not only the work of a heroic few,

but is the natural response of a heart that is grateful to God.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

James 1:27