About us

Future And A Hope Ministries was founded and incorporated in the state of California by Christina Hans in August 2008.

Christina Hans with little girl in village.

It received it’s tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Public Charity in 2009.

Christina and her husband Philips Hans embarked on the research of children’s homes in 2009, visiting several orphanages and schools in Asia and Mexico. Later that year they launched a mini-pilot children’s home in Asia run by Philips’ family caring for a set of abandoned siblings.

The San Diego Foster Care Handbook was used for training the houseparents. With medical care, and regular healthy food, the children’s health problems began to fade away. Future And A Hope Ministries’ mini-pilot home ran until February 2016 when the children’s relatives became stable again to receive the children back, now educated and with improved health!

Future And A Hope Ministries has gained valuable experience though our pilot home as well as an education in organic sustainable living and agriculture.

We are now looking to launch the rescue of hundreds of homeless and abandoned children suffering abuse on the streets of Asia.


To stop human trafficking and child labor by rescuing orphaned and abandoned children off of the streets, redeeming their childhood, health, and potential. 


To see previously orphaned and abandoned children placed in loving family environments, educated, healthy and growing up to become leaders in their communities.


  • To establish schools for the education of rescued children.
  • To build neighborhoods of homes providing a family-like model of care and community for rescued children and their houseparents, built in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • To grow nutritious food naturally and sustainably aiding in the recovery of the health of the children.
  • To train the children in life skills and art through classes, workshops, and mentorship.
  • To help the children by providing counseling for emotional trauma and grief.   
  • To assist them in their transition into adulthood through higher education, vocational training, and mentorship. 

Our Board of Directors:

President: Philips Hans, co-founder of Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. Bachelor in Theology. B.T.H.

Secretary: Christina Hans, founder of Future and A Hope Ministries Inc. Certified Permaculture Designer and ongoing student of sustainable agriculture. P.D.C.

Child Education Advisor & Grants Acquisition Department:
Dr. Patricia L. Downes-Morris, Doctor of Education. Ed.D & B.A.

Social Work Department: Maria Earhart, Master of Social work. M.S.W.

Treasurer: Carmen Greenwood, long time bookkeeper & community asset.