Lifting heavy burdens

As we all know, there have been many families whose finances have been devastated due to Covid 19 lockdowns all over the world.

In the country that Future And A Hope Ministries works in in Asia, severe poverty is a “normal” part of the everyday lives for 645 million people every day.

That’s why this year, Future And A Hope Ministries is very happy to have expanded our aid to include much needed distribution of food to those who are truly struggling.

It is exciting to be making a difference in this way while we continue to raise funds and prepare for buying our own land to get vulnerable children off the streets.

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By: Christina Hans

Christina Hans is a student of nature and has studied sustainable agriculture at Wild Willow Farm, San Diego and at the Permaculture Academy, Los Angeles.

She is founder of Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. a charity founded to rescue street children in Asia and care for them sustainably.

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