Arts and Crafts

Most of us as children enjoyed having paper to draw on and crayons to color with.
However, in Asia it is not common for impoverished children to grow up with simple materials needed for creative expression.
Arts and crafts will be a joyful part of our program as a way to open doors for our rescued children to explore.

Effective professional counseling and therapy dogs.

Along with counseling for emotional trauma and grief, “therapy dogs for children can alleviate stress and trauma, promote relaxation, reduce aggression, relieve agitation and anxiety, and encourage movement, socialization and verbalization.” according to Therapy Dogs International.

A quality education

An essential part of Future And A Hope Ministries mission is to uplift children out of poverty through education.

In our own private school (with enrollment also open to tuition paying students in the community), our rescued children will have a whole new world of opportunities they can create for themselves.

The potential for prosperity, self reliance, and a bright future will open through the doors their new education will provide!

Working with Nature

We plan to care for our rescued children with food security provided by organic gardens we will tend ourselves.

Working with nature will bring optimum nutritional value as well as helping our plants to stay healthy by adding the insect, plant, and animal elements that create a stable ecosystem, not dependent on outside artificial components such as artificial fertilizer and insecticides.

Adding to this we will apply multiple rainwater harvesting methods to drought-proof the land, providing a stable clean water supply year around.

Supportive family units

One of the biggest needs for the children we will rescue is a need for family.

The standard orphanage model of large dorm living where the few adults function as “staff” rather than parents, fails to meet the emotional and developmental needs of children.

We take our model of care from the successful worldwide model of S.O.S. Children’s Villages. In this way 8 to 12 children are cared for by a housemother or two married houseparents.

This gives children consistent parental care as well as siblings, in a loving family unit. These family units each live in individual homes, forming a supportive natural community.

Protecting and creating wide open nature spaces

Wide open nature spaces are not only are interesting and refreshing for people to explore, but also help in maintaining the biodiversity of plant and animal species on the property we will purchase to build on.

By using native plants and trees in the part of our property that will remain wild, we can perpetuate the unique species of birds, plants, animals and insects in the part of Asia where we will undertake our street child rescue work.

It is our desire to purchase 50 to 100 acres in which to do our work, while leaving a meaningful part of it wild to protect the natural environment and raise our rescued children with a respect and love for nature.