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We’re at a very important stage in the development of our plans to rescue children off the streets.

You can help us get there by volunteering.

Our charity, Future And A Hope Ministries Inc, has partnered with a survey company called 100X Causes.

“I already signed up and started by doing a very simple one minute review on Disneyland; then one on Wal-Mart.

Those alone made $4.00 for Future And A Hope Ministries.

Each survey took only one minute to do!

Each pays $2.00 per short survey with a large variety of busines and brands for you to give your opinion about.”

or text “IMPACT” to 90412 to sign up.

100X Causes, operates by helping major brands get honest reviews, while helping charities who’s fans sign up to do the surveys.

We really need you!

We really, really NEED YOU!

We only have a limited time for you to do these surveys.
Those who do the maximum of 75 surveys before March 8th will have made $150.00 for Future And A Hope Ministries Inc, helping us reach our ten thousand dollar goal!

With your help we can raise the funds we need to hire the architect and property broker, and other things we will need.

In this way we will create the fully qualified plan we can present to sponsors with large resources who care.

Want to understand it better?

Please watch the video below for more details.

If you are in the United States and are at least 18 years old, you can do this!

Below you can see how the other signed-up charities are doing so far this month.

Make it possible for us to make an impact too!