What I love about Wooden Toys

We really want to use fun and durable toys in the children’s homes we’re establishing in Asia.

For me there’s a lot of nostalgia around wooden toys in particular. Especially for old Fisher Price brand toys that I grew up with, that are seemingly indestructible!

The above xylophone for example. I still have it.

These days (now that I’m grown up) I was surprised how much fun I had when my child got this Melissa & Doug wooden food set with knife!

It’s crazy but, this particular wooden toy really does feel like you’re slicing real vegetables! My children love it and it’s literally relaxing to cut up these wooden pieces of food.

The pieces are held together with hook-and-loop-tape (commonly called Velcro) and give it that fun slicing sound.

I guess beyond the normal wonderful felling you get of wooden toys being so classic, bright colored, and durable, this “Cutting Food” set takes it to a new level.

Not only is it fun to slice, but it is actually a puzzle that challenges your child’s brain to put it back together!

They also have a “Cutting fruit” set and a “Sandwich making” set that also slices apart.

I am the founder of a charity. We’re working on building a school and children’s home in Asia. We’re definitely interested to share our love of wooden toys with the children we will rescue there.

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